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Vision Quest & Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Saturday & Sunday 10th & 11th September
What we are offering here is a continuous 24-hour Intensive Shamanic Ceremony beginning on Saturday at 12 noon and concluding on Sunday at 12 noon approx.
After the registration, preparations, introductory prayers and meditations etc., it is our intention that you will spend a minimum of 12 – 14 hours out on the land on your Quest, with the Sweat Lodge running from 7am – 9 am.
Breakfast in the Barn & Integration afterwards.
I have written up an approximate running order of our event at the bottom of this post.
So what exactly is a Vision Quest? What does it involve? And can anyone do it?
A Vision Quest is an ancient Oglala Sioux ceremony, traditionally called ‘Crying or Lamenting for a Vision’, and along with the rite of the Inipi (Rite of Purification or Sweat Lodge) is one of the oldest ceremonies know to the Oglala Sioux and had been practiced long before the coming of their Sacred Pipe or White Buffalo Calf Woman.
Traditionally these two ceremonies (Vision Quest and Sweat Lodge) were practiced together.
Essentially, a vision quest is a ritual. It is a way of praying to the Creator and it is central to the Oglala Sioux spiritual tradition. It is an earnest seeking of wisdom, truth, courage, wise counsel, inspiration and/or direct communication from Spirit.
A vision quest involves you The Seeker going out into a remote area of countryside in order to realize a specific intention. This intention may be as simple as wanting to connect with those deeper aspects of your essential self, or it may be to have a very real meeting & communication with a Spirit Ally. But your intention is your guide. Your intention sets the theme and the tone of your quest. The more you are in alignment with your intention, in terms of thought, word and action, then the deeper and more powerful your questing experience will be.
On the practical side of things, a vision quest involves long periods of fasting, staying awake and intoning prayers. It is not for everyone and is certainly not for the faint of heart.  A vision quest is a very powerful shamanic experience and can yield great insight and wisdom if the Seeker comes to the ceremony with a truth and purity of heart.
Our vision quest will last for 12 – 14 hours, during which time you, the Seeker will be fasting and staying awake for as long as your body is able. Sleep is permitted, for important dreams can come during this time. However, you must use your own discernment to determine whether or not sleep is what is actually needed.
And finally, can anyone go on a vision quest? Yes! Anyone, that is to say, any adult woman or man can go on a vision quest. You do not need to have any special training, expertise or experience. What you do need however is an open heart, a commitment to the universal and cosmic truth of oneness and unity & the courage to look into and beyond your greatest fears.
In conclusion to this post, I would like to address a question that has been asked of me many times in relation to my hosting these events.
“Have you been trained by a Lakota Elder?”
The answer to this question is both yes and no. I have received and am still currently receiving instruction and training from a Lakota Elder in Spirit form. This has been on going for a number of years now.
And no, I have not had apprenticed under a Lakota Elder in the traditional format. I am happy to answer any further question you might have on this topic. Find my contact details and get in touch!
Event running order:
• 12:00 Sat. – Sign in/registration/ questions and answers etc.
• 12:30 pm Sat. – Formal opening of space/beginning of ceremony
• 1:00 pm Sat. – Guided meditations/Journeying/Spirit Boat
• 2:00 pm Sat. – Out on to the land to find your spot for your Quest
• 3:00pm Sat. – A very light lunch in the Barn (optional)
• 4:00pm Sat. – Build your medicine wheel, make offering bundles (set up your tent – optional)
• 5:00pm Sat. – Your Vision Quest
• 7:00am Sun. – Sweat Lodge
• 9:30am Sun. – Breakfast in the barn
• 11:00am Sun – Integration

Please note that these times are approximate and subject to some change.
All meals are vegetarian & are included in the €150
The lunch on Saturday will be very light and is optional.

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