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Guiding you back to remembering who you truly are on a soul level


I have studied and been trained in many spiritual and healing modalities; Reiki, Shamanism, Ceremonial Magick, Past Life Regression and QHHT and they’ve all been part of my own journey of Soul Remembering.

To be honest, I prefer to use the term transpersonal therapy over spiritual healing. I find that ‘healing’ implies a lack or imbalance (and Spirit is never lacking or out of balance), whereas transpersonal therapies imply growth, expansion, connection and alignment with the spiritual being that you are, that we all are.

What I am offering here is an unforgettable journey into your core essence, into your truth as is relevant for your life experience. Using shamanic practices, ceremony and ritual, altered states of consciousness, Reiki, deep hypnosis, meditation, breathwork and belief work (this list is not exhaustive). I will hold the space, for you to open the door onto your own Infinite Experience of Self.

I often joke that I am my own favourite guinea pig, for everything I write about here comes from my own personal experience. Every treatment I offer, I have received myself, many times, and many more to boot. I am passionate about understanding the nature of my Soul, passionate about recovering the truth and wholeness of who I truly am… within and beyond this human incarnation

This in earnest is my life’s work: to live an untethered life, to live free from conditions, to transcend the illusion of duality and to live a life beyond my greatest human dreams.

More about me

Musings, Insights, Questions and More…

We are all remembering who we are on a soul level. Tiny piece, by tiny piece we are putting ourselves back together… remembering the truth and beauty of who we truly are by bringing back all the little pieces that have become fragmented. 

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