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I’ll keep this short, because anything I write here is just a story and I prefer not to embroil myself too much in my own story.

As a young child, my earliest memories are of a place or state of being, right in-between wakefulness and sleep. I would drift in to this vast open state of awareness with ease, and appear to return in the morning. Over time, the entry point in to this in-between state seemed to narrow… so much so that I eventually had to squeeze myself out through a tiny gap or window.

So this, and many others like it became games that I used to play. I suppose you could say I was playing with and in different brain states.

There have also been a number of catalysts in my life that have added some substance to these childhood games, and there… you more or less have it.

I am not going to go into the woes and miseries I’ve suffered, as we’ve all suffered, but suffice it to say, I get it: I get the pain and frustration of living. I get the disappointments, the injustices and the apparent meaninglessness of this earthly existence.

But what I also get, and more importantly what I have learned through my own experience, is that all of this suffering can be transcended and transmuted, and used even, as a springboard into a life of expansion, freedom, light and love. To a point where life flows from you rather than at you.

I have learned that to the exact extent you feel the pain, you can also feel the joy. That the depth of meaninglessness is balanced by an equal depth of meaning, truth and purpose. All apparent opposites are just two sides of the same coin.

It All exists within You. Everything begins and ends with YOU.

I’ve been a Reiki Master for over 25 years, I am a Paco (shaman) in the Q’ero tradition and I am trained in the QHHT technique of Dolores Cannon to level 2. I have an MA in Philosophy and I am a Primary School Teacher. I walk in many worlds!

I am passionate about discovering who I truly am, passionate about discovering who we truly are, and passionate about sharing skills and techniques that help us all come to a full understanding of ourselves in our multi dimensional aspects. It is also why I’ve called my practice Soul Re-membering, for in remembering you re-member that you are already whole, already one.

You are never not in the arms of your eternal God Self.

It is the Absolute’s desire to experience it’s own bliss. You created you. You are the Absolute. Nothing else exists.

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